Thursday, October 14, 2004

Blogging by Email

I’ve often wondered, if I were to have a blog, what tools would I use to make entries?

The concept of a blog is (or is supposed to be) that you jot short notes about things as they come to mind. Of course you can make it whatever you want, but my concept is that entries are not quite as granular or stream-of-consciousness as instant messaging, but certainly more spontaneous than going to a website, logging in, and making an entry in an online editor. What if you’re on a plane when you want to make an entry? Type it into a Word document and paste it into the online editor later? Bah. Have a separate application installed on my computer that performs editing and posting functions? Messy.

I should have assumed that there would be a much more elegant solution. Instead, I was pleased to discover it and felt dumb for not recognizing the obviousness of it before. Email.

My blog has an email address that I can send entries to and they are magically posted. The address is private to prevent other folks from posting to it. Email offers me message formatting, offline post writing, automatic synchronization, and easy access to the editor (I have it open all day). I can now write posts as easily as writing email. This is definitely good for the prospects of keeping up with this thing.


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